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Uniforms Elite strives to offer affordable scrubs, with quality that you can trust.
We have scrubs in an assortment of colors and an assortment of jackets and coats.


Uniforms Elite
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Uniforms Elite is a wholesale bow tie provider for hotel uniforms, churches, restaurants, schools weddings, waiters, bartenders, bar mitzvah, Quinceañera celebrations, Orchestra, Band, Choir, churches, event companies, Valet Parking services, graduations, just to mention a few. We offer Black bow ties and colored bow ties in the following colors. White Bow Ties, Ivory Bow Ties, Champagne Bow Ties, Chocolate Bow Ties, Light Pink Bow Ties, Hot Pink Bow Ties, Red Bow Ties, Apple Bow Ties, Burgundy Bow Ties, Silver Bow Ties, Charcoal Bow Ties, Light Blue Bow Ties, Caribbean Blue Bow Ties, Royal Blue Bow Ties, Navy Blue Bow Ties, Sage Bow Ties, Lime Bow Ties, Clover Bow Ties, Teal Bow Ties, Emerald Bow Ties, Hunter Bow Ties, Lilac Bow Ties, Purple Bow Ties, Plum Bow Ties,  Yellow Bow Ties, Gold Bow Ties, Tangerine Bow Ties, Coral Bow Ties, Lapis Purple Bow Ties, Porto Lavender Bow Ties, Tiffany Blue Bow Ties, Canary Bow Ties,  Antique Gold Bow Ties,  Victorian Blue Bow Ties.

Whether you need a bow tie for orchestra, bow ties for a wedding or a bow tie for hotel uniforms, Uniforms Elite has been helping customers in the neckwear industry for over eighteen years.

Our selection of men's formal ties, bow ties, Windsor ties, and silk bow ties is out standing in all categories. We offer the best price for the quality. We do from time to time offer some sale, clearance, and cheaper pricing but only for a limited time when this does occur. We also offer children’s bow ties, which may be categorized as girls bow ties or boys bow ties. We are here to help meet your needs in formal wear from black bow ties to colored bow ties, Windsor ties, vest, cummerbunds, suspenders and more. Wholesale Bow Ties in the quantity and quality you are looking for.  

We strive to offer high quality bow ties at clearance prices for those in need of larger quantities. We have a huge selection of narrow ties and skinny ties with more colors coming!

Remember quality, budget, bargain, and discount bow ties for all shoppers.